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14th March 2010

5:35pm: Starbucks Pike Place Roast BzzCmpaign
Bzz is a word of mouth advertising group. In its early days it was micro-progamming on the street in exchange for free products. But the concept worked so well that it has moved mainstream. Now they wish full disclosure to anyone you might influence as well as honesty in what you say.

So, they sent me a 12oz bag of Starbucks Pike Place Roast and a 5oz intro size bag of Caffe Verona ground coffees.Collapse )
In short, it's all good. Both the Pike Place Roast and the Caffe Verona are strong, deep and smooth with a chocolate undertone. Pike has the emphasis on strong, while Verona is more chocolately.

21st January 2010

8:12pm: I think I may be living in upside down land
A Tea-bagger Republican wins Ted Kennedy's Senate seat. The Supreme Courts decides that Corporations are individuals who have the right to make all the political contributions they wish. And the Washington Post reports that the National Enquirer is putting in for a Pulitzers Prize for their John Edwards story. Things grow ever more bizzare.

ETA: And it is just a major bummer that Air America Radio is going under and will no longer broadcast. Hope Amy Goodman lands a great new gig.

2nd December 2009

10:35pm: Memorial Service for David Soros
Friday, December 4, 2009
Cremation Society
43rd & Nicollet Ave South
Current Mood: shocked

12th September 2009

11:09pm: e-mailed from Seaman David: Things Only a Republican Could Believe
· Parents who don't want their children to pray in school are Anti-American zealots -- Parents who don't want their children to listen to a speech by the President of the United States telling them to work hard and get good grades are noble patriots.

· Peacefully demonstrating against the country starting an international war is treason -- Showing up with automatic weapons to protest healthcare reform is democracy at its finest.

· Any government official with a desk job should have every action scrutinized -- Any government official with a badge and a gun should never be questioned or disrespected. At all. Ever.

· Questioning the legitimacy of an election because the "winner" was selected by the Supreme Court is sour grapes -- Questioning the legitimacy of an election because the winner (by the largest number of votes in American history) is really a Kenyan born Muslim despite all evidence to the contrary is being a vigilant American.

· Lying about a blowjob is an impeachable offense -- Lying about a war is no big deal, really.

· Investigating a shady land deal involving the First Lady is a matter of National Identity -- Investigating the use of torture at the direction of the Executive Branch is a partisan witch hunt.

· Executing Japanese officers for waterboarding prisoners during WWII shows that we have the moral high-ground on human rights -- Waterboarding prisoners of our own shows that we have the moral high-ground on human rights.

· Sitting two rows in front of Jane Fonda in a 1970 anti-war rally is an OUTRAGE! Shaking Saddam's hand in 1983...meh, not so much.

· Anyone who questions the president during a time of war is giving aide and comfort to the enemy and should be deported...unless the president in question has a (D) next to their name in which case you should undermine them at every turn even if you have to routinely make shit up to do it.

· Socialism, Marxism, Communism and Fascism are all interchangeable words that mean pretty much the same thing.

· Anyone who abuses drugs should be locked up indefinitely...unless they are a popular Republican radio host in which case they need your prayers as they recover from the illness of addiction.

· Health Insurance companies have your best interests in mind and anyone who thinks otherwise is trying to turn America into the Godless heathen nation of Sweden where EVERYONE in the country dies (eventually).

· Obama is an atheist communist Muslim who attended a radical Christian church.

· Believing that human activity could impact the global environment is crazy talk -- believing that an invisible man in the sky personally told George Bush to invade Iraq to fulfill Biblical prophecy is logically sound.

· The media are unquestionably biased against Republicans -- Talk Radio, The Washington Times, The Weekly Standard, The Wall Street Journal, Rightwing Blogs, Fox News and NewsCorp are not part of the media.

· The government should have no part in regulating multi-national corporations as they make decisions that impact the lives of millions of people -- Government should regulate individuals by determining who they can marry, what kind of intercourse they can have, what they can smoke, how to manage their pregnancy and how to proceed with end of life decisions.

· Communicating with hostile nations is a stab in the back to our great nation -- Reagan communicating with the USSR during the Cold War was Political Genius.

· Iran is a mortal threat to our nation and anyone who attempts to talk to them is traitorous scum -- Selling weapons to Iran and then funneling the money to start wars in Central America is clearly in our National interest.

· George Bush kept the nation safe after 9-11 (NOTE: the Anthrax attacks, the DC Sniper and Hurricane Katrina don't count. Also, the fact that 9-11 happened on his watch despite receiving a security briefing specifically warning of the attack doesn't count either.)

· Social Security, Medicare, public schooling, public libraries, fire departments, police departments and the US Military are as American as Apple Pie -- Universal healthcare is DEATHPANELSOCIALISM!!

· George W Bush is a regular 'ole Texas rancher just like you and me despite the fact that he was born in Connecticut, attended two Ivy League schools, bought the Crawford ranch just before running for president, sold it immediately after leaving office and is terrified of horses.

· The two guys at the center of the Watergate and Iran-Contra scandals are trustworthy voices in discussions of current national policy and should be taken at face-value.
1:48pm: Fired up and Ready to Go!
Great speech at the Target Center. I was thinking of trying to drag myself out to it, but fortuately the crowds were huge early on and I could safely stay home and watch on tv. Thanks and blessings to those who camped out all night and stood in blocks long lines to scream for change. I heard what I wanted to hear. He came out looking like he was ready to rumble (sans the leather coat and cig, of course) and promised that "They can't stop us." Make it so. Yay team. (Go Gophers and Twins also!) I'm sorry I'm not feeling up to going out. It would be a lovely day to be on the streets of the warehouse district.

11th September 2009

12:38am: Shocked by Fox News! Delighted with Begala & Blumenthal
I was distracted and didn't realize that I had the tv on Ch 9 until I suddenly attended to the story on Obama's speech. It seems that the healthcare debate has reached a turning point, at the moment Wilson opened his mouth on the house floor. Gulp. Apparently, a healthcare bill is now inevitable and it's all his fault because his behavior was disgraceful. I don't know what I expected them to say, but that wasn't it.

Begala has a lovely piece on CNN Politics.com
Commentary: Obama lucky with his enemies
by Paul Begala

I particularly love the conclusion:
In an important new book, "Republican Gomorrah, Inside the Movement that Shattered the Party," journalist Max Blumenthal reports how a party once epitomized by honorable conservatives like Bob Dole, George H.W. Bush and John McCain has come to be dominated by extremists, lunatics and just plain creepy people.

Blumenthal says, "The GOP has become subsumed by dysfunctional personalities with no capacity for restraining themselves, either from acting out hysterically or from their most devious urges. For these internally conflicted figures, who will continue to produce new and increasingly bizarre scandals, right-wing political crusading is simply a form of self-medication."

Contrast the Republican rogues' gallery of Wilson, Sanford, Boustany, Duvall and Palin with the faces of the Democratic Party: the Obamas, the Bidens, the Clintons and Justice Sotomayor, and ponder how truly blessed Barack Obama is by the quality of his opponents.

I love it. That's just choice. And gee, he didn't even mention Ms Bachmann, inspiration to seed artists throughout the state. And lest I forget which scandal goes with which name after the link has gone away:

Wilson: the Rep from SC who called the President a liar during a joint session. He just couldn't control himself, he explained. This from a retired Col. who served decades and retired from the reserves to the CiC on the House floor, no less. And a Birther to boot.

Sanford: the Gov of SC who has the amazing ability to be solitary hiking in the Mountains while actually running off for five days. To Argentina. At taxpayer expense, some say. But hey, this wasn't some cheap affair, he was truly in love.

Boustany: The solemn doctor who delivered the GOP response to the speech, Lord Boustany, oops just Rep Boustany (LA)--he got a refund and they were convicted of selling fraudulent titles. Turns out that he needed a career change from heart surgeon, there were repeated malpractice suits and one finding of substandard care by the Review Panel.

Duvall: The CA State Senator who sat at a hot mike and bragged about bedding two lobbyists with extreme disipline. A real blow to those who were so proud of his 100% voting record on family values, of which he was a loud and renown champion.

Palin: Good Ol' Sarah "Death Panels" Palin, who was unleashed upon our poor country right here in our rivertwin cities. This woman just can't be parodied. And, sadly, I don't think she can be forgotten.

7th September 2009

10:39pm: I actually made it to the fair.
It is a wonder to me just how delighted I was to trundle in through the main gate with a majority of the kids and all of the grandkids. They were a glory of tie-dyes. We hit the Education bldg first off and something about Toni's dark hair mingling with Anika's blond tresses reminded me vividly of going there with my mom, so long ago. It's my favorite activity at the fair and Anika was in fine form, so it was about perfect. By the time they could drag me out, Corwin had to dash off for his meeting, so Dee and the little ones drove him in and headed home for a nap. The girls took Anika on a whirlwind tour, ending up with Midway games. Toni outdid herself and Anika ended up with a huge selection of stuffed animals, most of which had names and personalities by the time I caught up with them. Since Dee is fabulous, I had Anika's lunch in my stuff and met up with them just as she remembered it and wanted it. Then the ladies headed home to prepare for 3-day fest fun.

A new feature of the fair for me this year was people saying: "M'am, can I help you sit down?" The answer to that question is always yes. If people around you are concerned and think you should sit down, then you probably should. I pushed myself way too hard. I was totally caught in the moment and not thinking about my lungs at all. But it was delightful. I made cornhusk dolls with a charming elderly gent and a sweet young pre-teen girl leading the show. I mistook a blue change button and had a sparkfilled healthcare argument with a dedicated GOPer. I was quite surprised by his views and I could tell that some of my points were unexpected for him. His wife calmed knitted non-stop. We acquired a small crowd, but nobody said anything. When we were shaking hands at the end, I finally noticed that his button was put out by the GOP and it was complaining about change, not endorsing it. It's probably just as well, though. If I had known, I would never have bothered to talk to him about it and it was probably good for both of us. I am so sick of the GOPers that I interact with on the net, that I feel no connection to them at all. Talking in person got past that. And I met a lovely woman who was one of eleven kids, the survivors and off-spring scattered all over MN and beyond, so they meet at the fair. I found a five dollar bill and was quite upset that I couldn't find the owner. I asked five or six of the most likely candidates, but they all said no. Finally a little old lady hobbled over and told me to sit down with her and have a cigarette. When I finished it, she pointed out that I'd been sitting with it, where I found it, for about half an hour. If the owner hadn't come back to look by now, he never would. She clasped my hand and told me that I was very sweet, but that I should accept that the money was meant for me and that I should enjoy it. What a delightful woman, she made me feel a lot better and I took her advice. The fair is always a poignant reminder of how wonderful Minnesota folks are.

I hit the traditional haunts. Science and Technology was called the Eco Building this year. The 4H bldg was buzzing and filled with kids learning different things. The free trolly was handy. The seed art in Horticulture was fabulous. So impressive. The butter carvings looked luscious. The Miracle of Birth was a wonder. So much cute. I arrived at the FFA room at a really slow time. The teenage pair of workers were truly delighted to have someone come by. They weren't a couple and the atmosphere was getting pretty thick by the time I happened along, so I received their best tour-guide efforts. I heard quite a bit about the future of farming. I have to admit, I loved their passion and had sympathy for their social akwardness, so I stayed quite a while. (Until I could capture them another target, actually. The room reeked of cow and most people steered clear of the doorway.)

I hit all the tv stations and NPR. A lovely elderly couple, dressed in fancy cowboy clothes decorated with a fine collection of fair pins, saved me a seat at the Chanel 4 six pm newscast, just in case I showed up, which was so sweet. Our end of the bleachers didn't get any of the food samples, but we got the CDs from the featured musical group, Marcoux Corner, an a Cappella group. I won a large french fries, but I'd already shared one with the girls and had eaten a ton of them. I started to give it away, but then thought of bringing them home to Salli. What was another two pounds with all the junk I was already carrying?

I appeased the dogs by collecting a Sweet Martha's cookie pail full of dog treat. Dropped corndogs, cheese curds, assorted street finds, and filled to the brim at the end with pork chop bones, many with large chunks of meat. It took several hours for the two of them to work their way through it all and by that time, they had known my exact whereabouts for hours and had worked off their anxiety by knawing on all the bones. It was a rare long absence for them, but the treats worked like a charm. The only sour note all day long was during a seemingly endless wait downtown for the 11 bus home. This gorgeous young man sat down next to me on the bench and asked if he could come home with me. The shocked disbelief on my face was probably answer enough, but I heard myself saying that none of my kids were home, so there wouldn't be anything for him to do. He was even more embarrassed than I was and quickly fled, but it freaked me out. Over the years, I have brought home more kids than I can count, but there was something different about this. He wasn't in danger and seeking help. I don't know what he wanted. I just hope it wasn't a Tarot reading. But something about it was too weird for me, so I didn't talk to anyone else. But still, a fabulous day at the fair. And even though I be paying for it physically for a while yet, I am really happy I managed to go.

19th August 2009

10:44pm: More adventures with Facebook
On one of LauraJean's posts there was a lively disagreement about the liberal bias of media and global warming. One woman seemed a typical dittohead and being unable to support her position with facts or reason, she had descended to vitrol and insults by the time I happened upon it. I snapped and responded with: "Heather, you sound nuts and your grammer is bad. Get a clue." The moment I saw it, I noticed "grammer" which made me laugh enough to reset my mood. Later, clearing out my e-mail, I find notification for a fb msg:

Stupid Lib!
(Heather Lorraine Rosenow)
Thanks for tour idiot comment fatty! Go hump a tree!

A number of responses leapt to mind. I considered LOLing it, because I actually had. But I made two posts to another thread which I had gone to for the express purpose of LOLing Larry for his Lutheran comment without managing to do so. So if he didn't get one, why should she. He was wry and gentle, she was petty and meanspirited. But you gotta love that her short response actually contains a grammar error and typo. I checked out her bio and was amused to discover that she considers herself a big fan of PETA2, mentioning it numerous times, and also of Sarah Palin. I noticed that she was the kids' age and decided not to bother to respond. When I clicked back to close the page, I noticed the title line and discovered that I have no self-control today. I couldn't resist. I fired back this response:

You are certainly welcome. You richly deserve that and more. And allow me to commend you for the excellent job you have done of Liberating your Stupid! You are a truly fine warrior for Stupid Lib. Pushing your white hood up in your icon photo was a brave choice. Have fun teabagging.

No good will come of this. She'll probably arrive on my doorstep and shoot me. But I just could not resist. Maybe if I hadn't been wondering what that white thing on her head was... But worst of all, a horrible thought struck me while I was writing this. I clicked over to fb to grab the quotes and noticed my own icon. A shot from the wedding of me and Martin which is cropped kinda funny. She might think that I'm the one in blue. That thought killed the humor for me. That's very different then. But, too late, I've already responded and even once was too much. Barney Frank is right about trying to argue with these people. Studies have demonstrated that offering facts and evidence contrary to their opinions actually increase the strength of their beliefs. It's a pointless exercise. (And it annoys the pig...) Better to just say "Here's your sign." and move on.

Somewhat to my surprise I find that she did respond:

Heather Lorraine Rosenow
Ha ha ha...when Obama is taking 60% or more of your paycheck from you because your dumb lazy fat fucking ass voted the Natzi in, then you will be begging to tell me how right I am with my opinions. Also, when you get on his health care plan, (which he wont let the American public read any of what is in the GOD DAMN bill) I hope you will be happy with dying instead of getting help how you would on the healthcare plan how it is today!!! I've never come across a smart liberal yet. None of them can stand up to me on current goverment issues and win in a debate. So you just keep being a lazy American...I hope the immigrants you don't mind paying for spit in your face someday!!! Burn in hell bitch!!!

She then proceeded to block me, presumably to avoid any response. giggle. Well, that was easy.
Current Mood: Volatile

3rd July 2009

12:38am: Did I manage to thank you all?
You were all fabulous. Thank you all so very much. We were blown away by your generous gifts and efforts. One of the things Carolyn particularly enjoyed in the photos was the sight of all the various people walking one of the dogs in the background. You guys are such troopers. And we really appreciate all your kindness and willingness to step in when something was needed. Collectively, you made a magical day possible. Thank you.

21st June 2009

5:59pm: I stole another photo for an icon
I think hell must have frozen over. I'm abandoning the worship of Choas and seeking Order. And Robert Sloan made a short joyful lj post. He admitted he was finally happy. Who would have ever guessed.

What a magical day. So many treasured friends. People who have been with us through thick and thin and navigated to a far away park, dodged an entire pack of invited dogs, and shared our joy with us. It was a truly sacred event. Yet it was earthy and simple and heartfelt. Still Wow.

And all the photos! I want more. They are all fabulous. I don't think I look particularly physcially attractive, but the joy I was feeling was visible in every photo of me I have seen. So, the compliments were okay. Joy is a beauty to behold.
4:17pm: Laura Jean is running for City Council in Mpls Ward 6!
Yay! I'm really excited about that. Hay Ho. About time. She's a great candidate. She's smart, innovative, hard-working and she hangs in for the long haul. Laura Jean displays a sort of selflessness that I have never seen any trace of in Robert Lilligren. In terms of content of character, she has him cold. Sadly, he has the Democratic endorsement, all the money we helped raise, and the full power of the DFL machine. That's kinda depressing, but on the bright side, she has us. I think one would be hard-pressed to find a brighter, more creative bunch of people than Mpls fandom. We're a loose net these days, no one con rules us all... But I'm thinking that a lot of us live in the 6th Ward. Let's do this. Let's have fabulous benefits and work parties that are as much fun as Minicon in its glory days. Let's be amazed by how much our number has grown. Let's all man-up and Stand by Our Fan!

Laura Jean has a group on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=88189888638
If you're on Facebook, check it out.

This will be a real challenge. I'm pretty stoked. I have a lot of residual anger from the last caucus that needs positive channeling. Replacing Lilligren with LauraJean would be doing our city a great service. Let's manage it sooner rather than later.
Current Mood: excited
1:03am: "Wow!" said Miklos, pointing to Carolyn.
I was holding Miklos and the ring pillow waiting for his cue while we watched the bridal party arrive at the arch. The girls looked breathtaking as they filed in, but when Carolyn arrived at her spot it was hard to see anyone else. The angle of the sun was absolutely perfect. It caught her full in the face and it looked like she had her own personal sun spotlight about three feet wide perfectly centered on her face. And she was glowing so it also looked like she was radiating a pure golden light. Like the Virgin Sun Queen suddenly incarnate. I forgot to breathe. But then Miklos pointed so I turned my gaze to him, and we saw our awe and wonder and joy mirrored on each other's face. We realized we felt exactly the same way. You can't plan perfection of that magnitude. I don't know if the pictures will capture it, maybe we were just in exactly the right spot. It was the most beautiful sight I've ever seen.

The wedding was, of course, a full-length feature production of the Courts of Chaos show. I'd intended to use this sentence as a cut line for taking it from the top, but the dogs do not permit.

18th June 2009

1:36pm: Steven arrived safely
And the puppy, Tuli (okay, I have no idea how it should be spelled: too'-lee)is safely installed at the Courts. What a cutie he is. Tuli was shy and clingy for about the first ten minutes, then he perked up considerably. Supposedly I was going to become his new "bestest friend" but it doesn't seem to be working that way. He adores both dogs and perfers to follow one of them around most of the time. So far we are having good luck with things he wants to chew on, most of them are dog toys. Yay. He loves exporing the backyard and went into a point at a bird Tucker was stalking. Tucker was not amused.

Tucker's latest trick is to deliver live birds. I was quite stunned a bit ago when I was sitting at my computer and suddenly a bird flew out of my tarot bin. I assume he must have stuck the unconscious bird in the bin while I was out, because he was long gone by the time the excitement started. The bird wanted to go out the window but I couldn't get it open. The bird just sat on the sill and watched me try. But of course with it sitting there I couldn't get enough leverage to get it open. I opened half the porch door, but it kept flying into the glass. So I enlisted Salli's help. She rushed in and we watched the bird circle the ceiling for a while before we charmed it out the porch door. She was able to identify it as a starling. And yesterday Tucker leapt over the bottom half of her door and deposited a live bird in the middle of her floor. He complained loudly when she released it out the window. Oh well, I suppose it is better than little bird corpses. And it certainly does get our attention promply every time.
1:34pm: Found a new icon
Gakked from the DCCC newsletter "Grumpy Old Men."

4th June 2009

10:43pm: Gakked a new icon from Laurel, Yay.
(and thanks to all who made it possible)
10:21pm: Best wishes for a sparkly adventure!
Good-bye bbq last night. Our Miz O is headed off to adventure! Yay. Happy trails. Good for her. Hope she has a blast. (And I hope she comes back bye and bye.)

24th May 2009

6:52pm: Gaked from govniuk
2:57pm: My computer survived the repair!
Yay. The hugely expensive screen repair justifies the large expense of the super-deluxe warranty. They were a little skeptical about the timing (so close to the expiration) but Ginger's footprint was clearly visible on the screen so no problem. Nothing seems to have been lost. Most excellent. Of course, after such a long time without a computer, I have tens of thousands of e-mails to sort and am weeks out of touch with everything electronic. Could be worse.

Mother's day was lovely. Celebrated at C&D's in accordance with our new tradition. I made a cake in case we were celebrating Tom's BD, but ended up leaving for Buffy night before he arrived, leaving the cake untouched. I tried something brand new (3-layer spice with pumpkin pudding layers between, all covered in plain vanilla frosting), was worried about it turning out since you can't taste it to be sure, but I'm assured it was okay. Oh, all the kids in their tye-dies, just too cute.

Anika's 8th BD really rocked. JB and Dane did a fire show, which drew half the neighborhood and made the nextdoor neighbor fear for her house, so naturally the kids were delighted. What a great hoard of kids. Entire teams of 1 year olds speed walking across the yard. Having been hit by a karma blast, Corwin bought her a puppy. The kids loved playing with the dogs. Ginger was particularly adept at staring soulfully at folks until it occurred to them to offer her a bite. By the end, even the elderly lady who was scared of dogs found herself timidly offering scraps. Missy became so overly excited that I had to put her in the car for a nap. The kids were a joy to watch. Our next gen is pretty encouraging. Good to see them able to get together in a giant mob.

I had a tooth extracted more a week ago and there is no sign of dry socket yet. Amazing. I always get it. No doubt because I disregard the instructions every time. Wait days before smoking? I don't think so, I usually light up before I leave the premises. It was severely infected so the novacaine didn't work very well, but it was better than waiting to see if the infection would respond to the anti-biotics. And the dentist was really great, she gave me four shots before she started and then when it was obvious that it wasn't working she tried another one directly into the side of the socket. That helped, I was really embarrassed that I couldn't sit quietly for the proceedure. I could hold my head and shoulders still but my back would arch off the seat and I couldn't stop it. It was probably pretty funny. I kept assuring her "Yes, I'm just fine, keep going!" as I'm arching off the seat. Naturally the several of the roots broke off and had to be extracted separately with special tools. She gave me a good scare about the anti-biotic, so I set an alarm every time and took it 6 hours apart, day and night. Blessedly, that drug worked just fine. I found it funny that the first line of the three page information provided with the Rx said that taking it was rarely fatal. Well, gosh, that's a big relief. (Actually, since the infections it is designed to treat often are fatal, it is still a good bet.) I was surprised when I had the Rx's filled that she had only prescribed six pain pills. Fortunately I was lucky this time, but it doesn't seem like enough for a proceedure that difficult.

I finally managed to drag myself in for the neck x-rays. What a joy that was. It took hours and by the end they had three people trying to tug me into just the right position, then they want you to manage to hold still that way until they can all scurry behind the shield and shoot the film. And hold your breath until we're done! What a bizarre set of positions. Apparently the top couple of vertebrae have some sort of issue. They couldn't get them evaluated by the end of my appointment that day, so I have to go back again next week to see what they have decided they indicate. I think that getting rear-ended in the cab the second time (my third whiplash inducing event) is what did my neck in. The person at fault was going 50 miles an hour when she hit the car behind me and I had to stand on the brakes to avoid having the cab pushed into full-speed traffic. The doctor I saw only took me off the cab for two days, but the pain has never really gone away. Who knows, maybe they'll be able to think of something that will help. I'd be happy to add more drugs to my daily routine if there is any hope that they'll work. I'm already taking pills by the handsful and they help an enormous amount.

And now I have bifocals. I wouldn't bother with them for distance, I do fine without the correction, but it is getting very hard to read. It took me twenty minutes of just sitting in the car trying to focus my eyes at different distances to get the hang of them. I felt slow and stupid about it until someone mentioned that it had taken weeks, so I guess having a bit of trouble adjusting isn't that unusual. My biggest problem is that I can't make adjustments to the viewing area by moving my neck. I'm probably learning to move my nose in new ways.

I only went back a hundred entries, so let me know if I missed big news. Even going that far I ran into two problems. mrissa offered an interesting age poll which nearly did my brain in. Eventually I decided it would easier to write an autobiography than to manage to answer those questions. Geez. That set of simple questions led me down the rabbit hole. And I was about to answer wombat_socho did 36 questions. That list looked doable, but suddenly I noticed that at the beginning it said "You're on my list, so I want to know you better!" Then I realised that he was on my list, but I was not on his. Fortunately I figured it out before posting all that. But geez, it all leaves me feeling like I'm spinning my wheels.

23rd April 2009

3:29pm: Yay for Clinton
Clinton Takes on the Antis: This Is What Diplomacy Looks Like
Emily Douglas,
RH Reality Check Apr 22 2009 - 10:39pm

In a speech for the history books, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a clear and uncompromising case for lifesaving role of international reproductive rights and health care access when testifying before the House Foreign Affairs Committee yesterday.

Anti-choice New Jersey Rep. Chris Smith lectured Clinton about Margaret Sanger's supposedCollapse )

(Entire text behind cut. I hate links that expire over time.)

Speaking of expiring, thanks to a comment by mrissa I ended up reading back on mgs's lj and came across the article on Bush from Oct '04. The link was still good! And so was the article. The guy nailed it. We were warned.

22nd April 2009

6:12pm: A facebook find: 10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage is "Wrong"
Posted by Matt Boyd, author unknown.

1) Being gay is not natural. Real Americans always reject unnatural things like eyeglasses, polyester, and air conditioning.

2) Gay marriage will encourage people to be gay, in the same way that hanging around tall people will make you tall.

3) Legalizing gay marriage will open the door to all kinds of crazy behavior. People may even wish to marry their pets because a dog has legal standing and can sign a marriage contract.

4) Straight marriage has been around a long time and hasn't changed at all; women are still property, blacks still can't marry whites, and divorce is still illegal.

5) Straight marriage will be less meaningful if gay marriage were allowed; the sanctity of Brittany Spears' 55-hour just-for-fun marriage would be destroyed.

6) Straight marriages are valid because they produce children. Gay couples, infertile couples, and old people shouldn't be allowed to marry because our orphanages aren't full yet, and the world needs more children.

7) Obviously gay parents will raise gay children, since straight parents only raise straight children.

8) Gay marriage is not supported by religion. In a theocracy like ours, the values of one religion are imposed on the entire country. That's why we have only one religion in America.

9) Children can never succeed without a male and a female role model at home. That's why we as a society expressly forbid single parents to raise children.

10) Gay marriage will change the foundation of society; we could never adapt to new social norms. Just like we haven't adapted to cars, the service-sector economy, or longer life spans

Amazingly, Matt reports that people actually fail to see the sarcasm here. I wonder how that is possible.

21st April 2009

6:22pm: Not much of a surprise
The Pulitzer-Winning Investigation That Dare Not Be Uttered on TV
By Glenn Greenwald

April 21, 2009 "Salon.com" -- The New York Times' David Barstow won a richly deserved Pulitzer Prize yesterday for two articles that, despite being featured as major news stories on the front page of The Paper of Record, were completely suppressed by virtually every network and cable news show, which to this day have never informed their viewers about what Bartow uncovered. Here is how the Pulitzer Committee described Barstow's exposés:

Awarded to David Barstow of The New York Times for his tenacious reporting that revealed how some retired generals, working as radio and television analysts, had been co-opted by the Pentagon to make its case for the war in Iraq, and how many of them also had undisclosed ties to companies that benefited from policies they defended.


I broke down on Sunday and joined facebook. It seems insane to me since I can't even manage to keep up with lj, but that's where all the photos are going so I guess I have to give it a try. So, I guess I should see if I can find it again...

16th April 2009

3:35am: Minicon. Right. Try to block and finish.Collapse )
Minicon is feeling like Minicon again. Yay, team. Ginger feels sure that this was the best Minicon ever. I'm not sure I'd go that far, but I'm not inclined to argue, since it was her first foray into the Minicon hotel. Besides, people would think it strange if I argued with my dog about something like that. Poor Missy was gypped. She was so tired from her consolation nature walks that she slept through all her opportunities to go inside. But Miklos came out and visited with her in the car. Killer cute. He was sitting in the driver's seat, receiving her affections until finally Missy flopped onto the other seat and fell instantly back asleep. Miklos looked disappointed, turned and gazed at Ginger sitting out of reach by a rear window who showed no signs of vigor herself, and shrugged expressively. "Bye!" he told me and Corwin, waving briefly before grabbing the stearing wheel with both hands and driving away. What really broke me up was that Ginger found his movements and sense of purpose convincing enough that she looked at me in alarm for a moment, until she realised the car wasn't actually moving away. Fortunately I think we have several more Minicons ahead of us before that is an actually a remotely possible concern.

I did my previous post without do any lj reading. Good thing I guess. It was hard to find the mood again after even a brief peak. A triple treat of viseral shocks.

And speaking of shocks, my computer just shut itself down to reconfigure updates. No warning that I noticed, just suddenly gone. A flash of closing windows and poof. Thank goodness lj saves drafts automatically. I'm certainly not bright enough to do it myself or remember that it might be coming. But enough for now.
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